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All of our sinks are hand-made and start as a flat sheet of copper. All undermount and drop-in sinks are made from one very large piece; Farmhouse style sinks require a second piece for the front.
Once the design is finalized and transferred to the copper sheet, it is accurately cutout (again by hand) of the larger sheet.
Final hand cuts are made and the sink is ready to begin the forming process.
The flat sheet is positioned in our large hand bender.
The bender is used to form the upper rim of an undermount and the drop-in sinks. We also use it to form the front of Farmhouse sinks.
Once the rims are formed, we hand bend the sides of the sink.
This is done individually by eye; this is an exacting process we've developed over many years and many sinks!
Next we punch the hole for the drain and form the recess for the drain rim.
The inside and outside corner seams are hand soldered next.
Finally, the front of the sink (this one is a farmhouse style) is attached and soldered to the rest of the sink. Another beautiful sink for that special kitchen window!


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