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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Custom Copper Sinks

How are the custom copper sinks constructed?

Each sink we make is individually made by hand. Sinks are made from 20-32 ounce copper in one piece, shaped sort of like a fat cross. They are bent around a form to bring the sides together, and the corners are then individually hand-soldered. (We solder our sinks using lead-free solder by hand the old fashion way they did many years ago. One of our competitors copper brazes his sinks in the interest of modern manufacturing efficiency! They didn't know how to braze 200 years ago! The hole is cut and formed to accept the drain assembly, and the lip is added if the sink is a self-rimming unit. A birch plywood box is then constructed for the sink to rest in. (Copper is very soft, so the box is necessary for added strength. You can literally stand in the sink and not damage it.) Beware of competitors who try to tell you this box isn't required; you'll be disappointed in the long run. In most installations it's not even seen!

What are the size limitations?

There are no real limitations, just practical ones. We can get copper sheets up to 48 inches wide, which allows us to make a sink with the sides and bottom (front to back) totaling 46 inches, leaving 2 inches for the top lip. The sink in our kitchen is 30" in width, 20" front to back, and 10" deep. Drain placement can be anywhere on the bottom of the sink, although it must be at least 6 from any edge of any bowl for proper drainage. Unlike some other manufacturers, SinkWorks sinks have no unsightly creases on the bottom of the sink to get the water to drain. Our sinks all gradually slope towards the center.

Do you make double or triple sinks for the kitchen?

Yes, we can make a double and triple sinks; we would need the overall dimensions of the unit as well as the size of each bowl. The bowls can be different widths. It all depends on your application and your imagination!

Can I install a disposal in my SinkWorks kitchen sink?

The sink will accommodate disposal units, however you must be sure you have the clearance under the sink (especially if you order a deep unit) to accommodate the disposal and the associated plumbing.

Are drain assemblies available?

Yes, we currently stock brass and copper units in six different finishes which complement our sinks beautifully. Other finishes can be special ordered. The hole will accommodate any standard kitchen stop and waste drain assembly. We also carry disposal trim rings in similar finishes.

Will the sink stay smooth and shiny?

Yes and no... Our copper sinks thrive on neglect; these sinks are designed to look old, (and will) from the minerals in tap water in a very short period of time; usually only a couple of weeks. Since copper is soft, they can eventually get dents and dings with normal use. If you're after a smooth and shiny copper sink and want it to stay that way then maybe these sinks aren't for you. If however you are looking for something to go with your antique farmhouse, Victorian restoration or if you just like the look of old copper, then you have found your sink!

How do you clean the sink?

The sink can be cleaned with any readily available copper and brass cleaner which we include free with the purchase of a new sink. Brasso and Wrights Copper Cream are two excellent cleaners. Additional containers are also available.

More Questions?

If you have additional questions or concerns, please call us toll free at (877) 746-5967, e-mail us at, or write to us at the address below. We're here to help!

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